"Where Are You From" Exhibition 

Myself and 4 other photographers won the AutographABPOpen Generation photography competition where we had to produce work centering around migration in the UK.  We were mentored by the artist Gayle Chong Kwan to help us produce this work, which was then put on exhibition at Autograph ABP's Rivington place as part of Open Generations "Festival Of Ideas".

The Work 

My own experience as a Zimbabwean immigrant in the UK has been a journey with a strong theme centered around identity. Being a first generation immigrant i've learned that identity is something is fluid, I am a Zimbabwean, however living here has meant that I have also adopted certain British values & world views, thus that also, is part of my identity. Most first generation immigrants living in the UK battle with our identity, where we consider home to be, and what to define ourselves as. 

This project explore the theme of identity and how abstract it is. It reflects the idea that people are multifaceted and we don't just have a single identity,  and it also shows how fluid identity is, how it can change over time determined by forces such as the environment, but also internal factors such as family, friends and who we associate with. "Home" is not a static one dimensional place, it's an amalgamation of where we are from, the value systems we hold and relationships we have.

Exhibition at AutographABP Rivington Place

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From "Iran"

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From "Congo"

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