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Subscription Monthly Service

I have been shooting with bloggers, vloggers and other content creators for the past few years now, some on a consistent basis, some on a one off basis. I understand the importance of creating content that is aesthetically pleasing but also doing that consistently. I often find that, unless your partner is a photographer, it is increasingly difficult for content creators to release content regularly, without forking out hundreds of pounds each shoot, or sacrificing that for quality. I then sat down and thought of a way that I could meet content creators half way, in terms of not sacrificing quality, but still being able to provide a service that is affordable. 

I concluded that it only makes sense to launch a subscription based service, for bloggers, vloggers and content creators. This means that if you subscribe to my service, for a monthly fee, you would be able to shoot with me once a week, every week and receive content regularly for just a single payment every month, instead of on a shoot-by-shoot basis. This is a way I believe to bridge the gap between photographers/cinematographers/image-makers, and the blogging community that will allow us to mutually benefit from a relationship that is profitable for both entities involved. 

Packages & Prices

What Do You Get?

The monthly subscription fee is:

£200 per month for Photography or Videography

£300 per month for Photography + Videography

Each month you get to shoot with me once a week on location for up to 2hrs (8hrs each month). 


- 8 Edited Pictures optimised for web and social media. 

Films, Lookbooks, Vlogs

- An edited & colour graded 4min fashion film, lookbook or short form content.

Why should you subscribe to me?

The aim of this, as I said earlier is to create something mutually beneficial for content creators and image makers, but also to create long-terms functioning relationships with those that subscribe to my service. With this you not only get my expertise as a photographer and cinematographer, but a whole host of other add-ons, because still and moving images are my life, you will also be investing in that. 

If you wish to subscribe or want some more information, then contact me using the form below.  

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